Grupo VenRol Company Group was created due to the request made by importers from different countries, in view of the need to market top quality spare parts and accessories for green areas. 

With more than 5 years distributing spare parts and accessories for forestry, landscapes care and maintenance, construction and intensive use of demanding users.  Now, we reach you with an integrated service offer, taking care of all the commercial development , allowing the distributor to focus solely on sales in their country.

Below, the detail of our services:


We create a specific packaging for each product, we distinguish our articles from those of our competence, giving added value and focus in the high quality of it.


We adapt our commercial brochure, according to each country's needs. Adjusting it to the language, price, images and all the needed information.


We´ll design an exclusive website for each country.


We offer our whole advertising products, banners, flags, plotters, exhibitors, caps, t-shirts, etc.

Telephone assistance 07/24 by our trilingual staff, specialized in advice and immediate solutions. 

We don´t offer franchises, we just offer to distribute our articles in your country!   

We look forward to your contact!

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